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A ground-breaking new model of indigenous education

A new system of residential Studio Schools on-country across the remote North, together with an Indigenous Education and Research Centre (IERC), co-led and co-designed in genuine partnership with local communities for Indigenous success.

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"Indigenous students benefit from a full residential model of learning on-country, with a focus on health and well‐being, remaining close to family and community, and strengthening language and culture. The model integrates academic skills with practical industry learning to ensure the best outcomes of students and create a pipeline of work‐ready graduates for business"

June Oscar AO

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner and Board Member of SSA

"Studio Schools of Australia will transform Indigenous education. Based on the successful Yiramalay model in the Kimberley, the Studio Schools system achieves 90% attendance levels and sees 80% of students going onto employment and further education. If we could replicate these results across Northern Australia, we’d make huge inroads into closing the education gap for Indigenous Australians."

Jennifer Westacott AO

Chair of SSA

The Studio School model brings together the best of what we know from around the world – combining personal and social development, academic learning, and a jobs-ready approach with a central focus on Indigenous identity and culture.

Helen Drennen AM

Chief Executive of SSA

"The Studio Schools model is a way to break through at a system level by respecting Indigenous culture and bringing this into the learning"

David Gonski AC

Chancellor University of New South Wales

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Our Purpose

Empowering Indigenous children to create a future of pride, belonging and success

Our Mission

A groundbreaking model of education delivered at scale

Our Vision

10 Studio Schools over the next decade will see 260 Indigenous students graduating each year to successful outcomes.

A new system of Studio Schools across the remote North of Australia

A new system of Studio Schools across the remote North of Australia

What is a
Studio School?

  • A place of practical, hands-on learning
  • Residential model on-country, co-led and co-designed with Indigenous people
  • Close to home and family and a strong focus on local culture and language
  • Holistic learning framework that balances academic, personal and industry/enterprise learning
  • Learning is integrated across the day with a focus on health and well-being





Year 10
completion rate


Year 11
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Year 12
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The Studio Schools model is embedded in Indigenous culture and language.

The holistic framework balances academic, personal and industry/enterprise learning, in the unique cultural context of each Studio School.

Learning is integrated across the day with a focus on health and well-being.

4 Circles of learning

Indigenous Language and Culture

The mother circle of Indigenous Language and culture provides the context for all learning in SYLF. It is how students connect authentically to their familiar cultural knowledge, insights and practices that support their learning by affirming their sense of self and strengthening their self-efficacy as learners.


The academic learning circle aims to support the intellectual development and future-readiness of students by engaging them in experiences that build their capacity to learn how to learn so that they can participate actively in their own learning for success.

Personal and 
Social Learning

The Studio School model helps students develop their own image of their future as Indigenous Australians, who feel confident in their knowledge and skills, and in their motivation to succeed.

Industry and Learning

Industry learning expectations range from foundational knowledge and understanding about the world of work and the skills and dispositions needed to maximise success, through to more advanced learning of industry specific knowledge and skills.



Studio School

Years 7, 8 and 9

Manjali Studio School is the second Studio School developed through the partnership between Bunuba and Studio Schools of Australia. It is located on Bunuba country, approximately 10km from Yiramalay Studio School.

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Studio School

Years 10, 11 and 12

Yiramalay Studio School is a partnership between the Bunuba People and Studio Schools of Australia, and is located on Bunuba country, approximately 80km North of Fitzroy Crossing.

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Indigenous Education and Research Centre IERC

The IERC plays a pivotal role as a Centre of Excellence within the SSA system to support the successful delivery of the unique model of teaching and learning across the Studio Schools.

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A Studio School education enables Aboriginal students to reach their potential by improving educational, community, health, social and employment outcomes.

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